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ACTION ADVENTURES! End of War (As We Know It)


Here’s a radical notion—instead of super threats or villains vanquished in the end, ACTION ADVENTURES! End of War (As We Know It) reverses the old dynamic—pirates, terrorists, heroes and traitors clash over ultimate technology that renders modern weapons useless!

This unique character-driven thriller is the first of an ACTION ADVENTURES! series, backboned by revolutionary science and a fresh, roller-coaster plot. Young drifter Caleb Todd goes on a diving trip looking for girls and adventure, then gets more than he can handle of both on a fascinating voyage of discovery and peril. From the first exhilarating moments of breathing underwater to the hidden caves of Morgan the Pirate to the desperate battle for “game changing” weapons, ACTION ADVENTURES! End of War (As We Know It) is a refreshing three hundred pages that rides a new wave of chilling sea novels with a never-before-seen quest.

After almost drowning on a dangerous dive, Caleb is shipwrecked, rescued and recruited to work aboard an advanced research vessel by unpredictable new friend, Captain “Gun” Gunderson. They join up with hi-tech billionaire Randy Revere and his brilliant but conflicted scientist girlfriends, Samara and Gaynelle, all of whom are perfecting a radical means of destroying weapons systems that will end armed conflict as we know it. Whether they are super-rich geeks going rogue or in league with evil people, or they are keeping their secret to control other countries or prevent nations from aggressing against each other, the crew’s ultimate purpose remains unknown. But when spies and law enforcement, terrorists and the military start sniffing around, then Bahamian pirates led by the infamous Andros Red show up, Caleb can’t escape severe choices and deadly situations through the end.

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