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René Blanco’s TV and film accomplishments include scripts for NBC’s Top Rated drama, “Third Watch” and the global action-thriller, “Noah’s Descendants.”




Genre: Action/thriller, dramatic family subplot.

Logline: Diplomat and genocide survivor, Enza Abrahamian, is about to throw herself off a cliff on Mother’s Day to achieve peace in her land.





Genre: 30-second movie. Fantasy, parody.

Logline: A fresh interpretation of the Old Rhyme.

Full 30-second Movie




(True Affairs of the Marquis DeSade)

Genre: Drama. Biography. History.

Logline: Riotous and revealing, this is a devilishly seductive feature about one of the least understood and most vilified, most influential men in history.





Genre: Biography. Court Drama. History.

Logline: Based on the astonishing true story of Armen Tehlirian, blatant racism is sweeping across 1920’s Germany, but irony rules in Berlin as a mass-murdering Turkish leader hiding there since World War I, is gunned down by one of the few survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide the Turk had engineered. And, after a sensational trial followed around the world, the survivor-turned-assassin is acquitted of all charges by a German jury, despite his full confession!





(Pilot Episode for TV Serial Drama Set in Big City Hall)

Episode Title: Dash For The Cash!

Genre: One-hour Pilot Script for new TV series. Action, Crime, Political Drama.

Logline: Starts with a blast and keeps going as the lives, loves and challenges facing a heirarchy of public servants are intertwined with crises taking place all over a downtrodden resort city. From conservative City Councilors to kinky Mayor Fick’s inner circle, to wise-cracking first-responders, clerical workers and a blind custodian, everyone is impacted by crucial developments and resulting choices. Pays off with smashing climactic scenes and big-bang finish!





(Third Watch TV Episode)

Genre: One-hour episode for the TV serial drama, THIRD WATCH (NBC 1998 – 2002). Police, Fire and EMT’s, Action, Crime Drama.

Logline: Blaze aboard a docked foreign ship requires all hands to save the illegal human cargo.





Genre: Action, Crime, Socio-political Drama.

Logline: Audiences love to see rich people in trouble, and this is all about that!





Genre: Crime, Social Drama.

Logline: Aspiring writer is hit by a DA’s wife driving under the influence of prescribed drugs, and a small cover-up reveals real big cover-ups.


Christie Boucher is her own worst enemy—inflexible, self-deprecating and unable to market herself. Then she’s hit by a car driven by a DA’s wife and mother of three under the influence of prescribed drugs, Paula Landers, and through her recovery the women develop a unique relationship. Christie lives on the Landers estate while recovering and also gets her first book deal. But writer’s block sets in, forcing Christie to confront her deepest insecurities and question her true commitment to living; she learns the consequences of success and must choose to pay the price, while Paula Landers prefers to avoid the consequences of her actions above all, but instead learns of a murder/cover up that could benefit her, and threatens her, too, along with several powerful figures in the District Attorney’s office. She tells Christie, who begins a screenplay.


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