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ADULT STORIES: Touching Tales of Love and Loving

“This is an emotional tour-de-force. Blanco fascinates and keeps us guessing until each story’s final revelation.” — Albert Wachtel, Ph.D., Author and Critic

ADULT STORIES is four matchless tales of love and loving, introducing us to the warmth of life-enhancing transformation with unforgettable characters.” — Emily Rosen, M.A., M.S., Author, Editor

“One of the boldest collections I’ve read. Pick any page and start reading. You will be intrigued.”
— Dr. Paul Faulstich, Professor, Author

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Foreword: by Mykie Koran, MS, Cambridge Poet Laureate

René Blanco is such a fun writer whose characters dance on and off the page. Reading him is like enjoying a choreography and his readers will be moved in new ways, but not only is Adult Stories ambitious in subject and scope, what this book delivers despite its brevity is a greater accomplishment. Before finishing, I already felt like I’d been around the world of love and loving. It is splendid from beginning to end with “Spark of Love” and “Forgive-Me-Not” and one of the cutest reads ever, “Student Teacher,” all joining the incomparable “True Love Story” in a quest for the alpha and omega of life—what everyone wants—ultimate happiness and redemption—then finding it in all the unexpected places!

Adult Stories has a special style and flow which almost reads itself. Each sentence, phrase and word seems to fit like a perfect piece. Finally, “True Love Story (Best There Is)” lives up to its name, a journalized treatment of romance that unfolds from the present backward and forward for an inside view of what makes an ideal relationship, and keeps it that way. So while there may be equally superior love stories by other writers, it is the consummate conclusion for this special book about love and loving and as fine a piece as ever spun. Just one caveat — be willing to shed a few tears of joy along the way. You probably will.

Prof. Mykie Koran, M.S. Cambridge Poet Laureate
March 30, 2018.

Read Excerpts and Get Your Signed Collector’s Copy(ies)

ADULT STORIES: Touching Tales of Love and Loving
(FLIGHTBOOKS Vol. 2 “Sweet Dreams of Dr. Ironicus”)

ISBN #10: 0983414718 — eBook ISBN #978-0-9834147-2-8


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