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Originally a New Yorker, René Blanco grew up in New England, studied writing at UCLA, and resides in Ocean Ridge, Florida. He’s been producing notable screenplays, fast fiction and novels while living another rewarding life as a therapist and child advocate. His TV and film accomplishments include scripts for NBC’s Top Rated drama, “Third Watch,” and the global action-thriller, “Noah’s Descendants.”

Blanco’s first collection of stories, PLEASURE ON THE RUN, featured its debut at The Miami Book Fair International, while a newly enhanced edition containing bonus material, entitled FIGHT & FLIGHT (Moments of Truth and Do or Die Tales), is also available now under the FlightBookspublishing banner. More upcoming FlightBooks include INDULGENCE OR GRATIFICATIONS (Tales of Temptation and One Step Too Far), APPETIZERS FOR THE APOCALYPSE (Offbeat Tales About Foreseeable Unknowns), and BANNED BOOK (Forbidden Tales of Sex, Excess and Taboos).

With ADULT STORIES, Blanco excites the fancy of travelers by perfecting his trademark entity, the FlightBook—powerful throughout and can take you everywhere around the world of human experience in hours!

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