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ADULT STORIES: Touching Tales of Love and Loving
(FLIGHTBOOKS Vol. 2 “Sweet Dreams of Dr. Ironicus”


Excerpt from TRUE LOVE STORY:
“I can’t stop feeling that until this point my life has been a dream, and now I am just waking up. Whatever is coming may only be overcome by facing head-on, and alone, everyone else will tire of hearing about it in few days or weeks. I almost scream out! Others have done it and so did I yearn to explode in a furious or pathetic outburst of feelings, but these people are like dams that must be smashed through first.”

“Miss Murphy made a funny sound, like she couldn’t breathe for a second. Then she turned away. The hurt and the sadness were so great that his life seemed to end right there, and little Max didn’t even cry. He just wanted to disappear. Or have everything else disappear. He could still see her inside but she wouldn’t look at him again. It was the heaviest, deepest feeling ever.”

Excerpt from SPARK OF LOVE:
“Pitted together against the deadliest forces on earth and both of our bodies having survived, I felt most secure and close as though we were bulletproof blankets draped over each other’s body. We made love like we did our first time, uncertain, occasionally awkward, and full of love, pleasure, even some laughs. So satisfying.”

Excerpt from FORGIVE-ME-NOT:
“The upper parts of Eric’s face were pinched in agony. Joy saw the desperation in his eyes and a flash of distress crossed her face like a quick passing shadow. She wielded enormous power over him and he was defenseless and tortured by it. Not bad, she could control everything with no effort.”

ADULT STORIES: Touching Tales of Love and Loving
(FLIGHTBOOKS Vol. 2 “Sweet Dreams of Dr. Ironicus”

ISBN #10: 0983414718 — eBook ISBN #978-0-9834147-2-8

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