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More Scorching Fast Fiction includes…





(Flight Books – Volume V)


DESCRIPTION: Next book in the series of Short Fiction Stories by Famous Author of Fast Fiction Rene Blanco includes, “U.S. Scare,” “Confessions of a Child Gangster,” and “Adventures in Paradise.”





(Fantastical Tales of Higher Importance)


FlightBooks™ Volume V




John and Janey Dow acquire the ultimate conveniences that cook, protect the home, teach kids, do therapy, massages and sexual acts, but they get “creepy feelings” when they accidentally discover hidden programs, and confront the makers.



Pre-teen wrestles with gangs and the meaning of God while sinning and going to confession weekly.



Quarreling couple suffer prejudice, terrorism and bad air during an oppressive cross-country flight.



God congregates with His Prophets, has it out with Darwin and the Devil, and all Good Souls go to Heaven.




Excerpt From the Story “U.S. Scare”

Quarreling couple fight prejudice, physical attacks and bad air during an oppressive plane flight.




All I wanted was to get home to my family, but the lady at the crowded airport ticket counter said, “I’m sorry, Sir, that will require a $50 change fee. And, Sir” —she punches computer keys—”$206 for the ticket re-issue, if you want to go on the earlier shuttle flight.”

“You mean, it’s $50, plus $206 to go on this fight? It’s only two hours earlier. And it’s not full. When I called they told me i could fly standby on the shuttle.”

“No standby on this ticket, Sir. It was purchased for connecting destinations.” Pause “Do you want the change?”

“To get there two hours early? Forget it.” I reconsidered my approach, and say quietly, “Look, can’t you just get me on this flight? They told me I could fly standby on any of the shuttles. You can’t just put me on? My family time is precious. Please?”

“Sorry, Sir. It won’t work that way. The whole ticket changes.”

“But, you really can just let me on this flight? There are empty seats. It’s the same thing if you just could cut me a break. It’s the same thing…just earlier.”

“Sorry, Sir. I can lose my job.”

Two extra hours at a New York airport wasn’t appealing but I fought the temptation to throw a tantrum and stuffed my anger, hoping it was God’s way to meet an interesting new person (i.e. a hot woman!) or someone to help my business or useful way to spend this time.

I couldn’t help trying once more, saying to the agent, “I’m sure if I was an important person, you would do it.”

“Someone important would probably just pay the change fee, Sir,” she stated with a wide patronizing smile. I wanted to pick up the ticket counter and drop it on her flat head.



Read the rest of “U.S. Scare” and ANTIGRAVITY coming soon!

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