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The hallowed grounds of Thoreau’s Walden Pond bear witness to treacherous romance and violent clashes between Christians, Jews, African- and Muslim-Americans.

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What the movie Jaws did for going in the water, this does for going to the beach!

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The seemingly endless and all-too-familiar cycle of crime, violence and punishment plays out in absurd and sometimes redeeming ways.

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The principle heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, reckless Coleman Chester squanders all his gifts until he starts receiving “commands” from God, then is opposed at every turn by family and other heirs/trustees which he is ill-equipped to fight off but does anyway, until at last he has a chance to create a truly unique legacy.

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A Caribbean immigrant becomes a world-renowned MIT inventor but struggles all his life to feel accepted or successful, and finally is inspired to “Write the Bible” of inventors and the invention process.

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End of War (As We Know It)


PITCH: Modern armies defeated by bombs that won’t kill! With unlimited sources of clean energy that purify water at the same time! Incredible? Sure. True? Yes! This is ACTION! ADVENTURES! and it crackles with more suspense and sexual energy than a perfect date!


DESCRIPTION: Post-Coronavirus Shock & Thrill Novel, Innovative Mainstream Fiction Franchise with Big Themes, Sex, Violence, Redemption and Heroines in Jeopardy!


GENRE: Geopolitical Erotic Thriller


LOGLINE: Young loner gets all the sex and adventure he can handle on a diving trip but it’s just the start of special events, as he’s caught up in the struggle for an emerging anti-weapons technology which is so advanced and mysterious it seems almost alien.


With ACTION! ADVENTURES! René Blanco excites the fancy of all travelers by perfecting his trademark entity, the FlightBook™ powerful throughout and takes you around the world of human experience in hours!

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