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Instant Gratification, Lasting Satisfaction, Adult Stories & Action Adventure!

Quick-reading Adult Stories and Pleasure On The Run by innovative storyteller, René Blanco, continue to build steam and gain market share thanks to René’s awesome fans! The next three books in the “Fast Fiction” series, Appetizers For the Apocalypse, Indulgence or Gratifications, and Banned Book are receiving their final touches, and during the coming months we’ll be making another announcement with more good news! We will also continue to be active and have fun with our terrific online community. Countless thanks for your interest in René Blanco projects! Here at we wish you nothing but happy entertainment—make it great in 2020!

Sneak & peek at René’s new shock and thrill novel Action Adventure: End of War (As We Know It)! and order your signed copies of Adult Stories and Pleasure on the Run in a special website deal which includes free same-day shipping, postage/handling/tax and individual author-signed copy(ies)with personalized message as desired!


René Blanco, a creator of provocative short stories is also a therapist and accomplished screenwriter. New Fast Fiction favorites, PLEASURE ON THE RUN and ADULT STORIES display his bold writing style and special dramatic talents. Already a top-notch writer of fast-reading fiction and scripts, Blanco is on his way to being an outstanding American author.

Pleasure on the Run

… from the FOREWORD by Author and Educator, Albert Wachtel, Ph.D.

“Personal Slave” is visionary fiction in the best sense—the protagonists fall prey to the illusion that the ultimate conveniences will help. The last stunning visuals leave one wanting to see a TV series based on it. “Fable of a Universe” ends surprisingly, but the surprise in retrospect strikes us as something we should have anticipated all along. Our thwarted expectation rings true, the reader’s ultimate satisfaction. “Ready Now”, “Bloody Thighs” and “The Latest Deadlines” score even bigger hits with their uplifting portrayals of desperate people at the crossroads of life. They’re a delight to read more than once. Perhaps the most significant, “Fine Love Garments” tears the heart with anguish and joy. Find out why. You will be a wiser and better person for the experience.

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