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What title would you give to this book of short stories (after you’ve read them, of course)? Here are two hints:(1)The stories are written in a sparkling style that will tickle your reading palate. (Try “Pleasure.”) (2)The stories are short, varying in length from bite-size snacks to gourmet meals. In either case, you’ll get a kick out the clever surprise endings that’ll give you repeated satisfaction without endless page turning. (Try: “On the Run.”) Reviewed by Joseph S. Topalian on Amazon
“I thought ADULT STORIES was tremendous! I especially loved the story with the puppy. As a little girl, I had a similar experience, innocently embracing the joys of loving a sweet pet and learning about the fragility of life and love. Very realistic.”  — Barbara Everett, MD:
PLEASURE ON THE RUN ***** 5.0 out of 5 starsRené Rules!”  “This is a sensational book. René Blanco is a gifted and highly entertaining writer. You’ll love it. I can’t wait to see what he does next!” Reviewed by Michael Levin on Amazon
René Blanco’s essay Reflections on Self by the Self-Satisfied, Self-Seeking and Self-Aware, is published in the compilation “Who Am I?” by Emily Rosen M.A., M.S.
“Picked up ADULT STORIES because I liked the cover so much. The inside was better than imagined—loved all these stories equally and all for different reasons—it’s that good!” — Monica Hale:
“A good book will entertain you for a while and leave you feeling unruffled and rested, like a hug from a friend. A great book will lure you out of your comfort zone, question your cozy paradigms, and make you feel uneasy about the immutability of what you know to be true. ADULT STORIES is the latter type of book.”  — Chris Carpenter, PhD:
PLEASURE ON THE RUN ***** 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon  “Short Fast reading!” “If you are traveling by airplane, train, subway, bus, waiting at a gate in an airport, and you want to get to the end of the short story before you arrive at your destination. This is a great book to devour in the shortest amount of time. I highly recommend it.” Reviewed by Beach Bum on Amazon
Very easy reading. Thoughts flow and amazing descriptions. I couldn’t put the book down because you just wanted to know what will happen in the story. The characters are people I can relate too, with all of their odd emotions and fears. But the twists in the plots are really unexpected like in “Bloody Thighs”…which is one of my favorite stories. “Personal Slave” is a funny one, but makes a huge statement. I definitely recommend this book. It was so good now my pals want to borrow it. Reviewed by Veronica Tejeda on Amazon
René Blanco’s “Forgive-Me-Not” wins First Prize in FAU’s prestigious Eurydice Love Story competition!
“I bought PLEASURE ON THE RUN because it was short enough to finish on the plane flight, but unlike any magazine I won’t forget the fun and beauty of this book, and life is sweeter for it.” Barbara Hill Morley, Author & Therapist, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
***** PLEASURE ON THE RUN 5.0 out of 5 stars: Amazing! I was given this book of short stories as a gift and took it along on a business trip. From the moment I opened the book, I could not put it down. It is written with such imagination that I was very sorry when it was over. The author needs to be applauded for what I consider to be an fantastic work. Thank you for writing it. Reviewed on Amazon by Joni from Boca Raton FL
René Blanco’s story “Higher and Higher” is published in the compilation Memories Milestones and Memoirs: Selections from a Writing Workshop by Emily Rosen M.A., M.S.
***** Reviewed on Amazon, 5.0 out of 5 stars: A Pleasure To Read! The enjoyment of “Pleasure On the Run” is derived from the irony of the plot lines and characterizations. I was compelled to finish each story to see how the protagonist solved their dilemma. This is the kind of book that is great to read on the beach, on a plane or just for plain fun. Reviewed by Larry on Amazon.
***** 5.0 out of 5 stars: What A Pleasure!!! “I was lucky enough to receive PLEASURE ON THE RUN as a gift. Each story offers humor, compassion, and sensitivity while commenting with great insight on the inherent paradoxes that characterize this realm of transient constant change. Mr. Blanco has a voice that I look forward to hearing from in the future. I recommend this book as a gift not only for travelers desiring entertainment on a flight, but for anyone who wants to be inspired any time, anywhere. This should be on every magazines summer beach read list!!! Reviewed on AMAZON by Jane in the United States. Format: Paperback
“You’ll be entertained and amused by ADULT STORIES, and even cringe at the memories evoked by the universal themes of First Love, Love Lost, and Love that is too complicated to survive. I challenge you to read it.” — Jorge Martinez:  
Pleasure on the Run is a great read. Short, sweet and very provocative. For those who are constantly predicting outcomes, these stories will amaze even you! Such a nice surprise!” — Carrina (from Cape Cod, MA), Flight Books™ Forum Visitor
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